“ Attention: All our orders of furniture are delivered on pallets only. ”

Please see Terms of Use for more details for the reception of the pallets. We ship all over the world.

Woodwork reserves the choice of delivery method or by Post / DHL / UPS for small packages or truck, depending on the volume of the shipment.

Furniture orders will be always delivered on pallets. The carrier will make an appointment with the customer to make delivery on a pallet. The carrier will deliver the pallet to the shipping address on the confirmation of delivery and only deposit in an accessible location with a pallet (ground floor).

Deliveries to different conditions (floor, difficult access, etc ..) will be a separate email confirmation price. Delivery will occur between 1 to 8 weeks after reception of your payment and confirmation from us. Wen the goods are ready to ship, you will be informed.

For any other questions regarding the delivery you can send us an email at sophie(at)